J70 Newsletter MOMENTUM – VOLUME 12, ISSUE 2, SPRING 2024

-Brazilian Three Musketeers seizes J/70 Corinthian World Championship:

More than 100 J/70s contended for the inaugural title of J/70 Corinthian World Champion for 12 races over five days June 4-8.

-Thrilling Grand Finale at the J/70 European Championship in Cala Galera:

After several hours of waiting onshore due to a lack of wind, the fleet of 84 boats from over 20 countries completed the 11th and final race of the J/70 European Championship hosted by Circolo Nautico della Vela Argentario in Italy.

-Fernando Perez Ontiveros’s Black Mamba Triumphs at Epic Triumphs at Epic J/70 North American Championship:

Incredible conditions prevailed for four days and a full slate of 11 races at the 2024 J/70 North American Championship hosted by Vallarta Yacht Club in Nuevo Nayarit, Mexico on May 1-4.

-10 Years of Growth and International Sucess J/70 Celebrates its 10th Anniversary:

With nearly 1,900 hulls built and National Class Associations in 25 countries, the J/70 is the largest modern sport keelboat fleet in the world. The International Class Association has released a commemorative video to celebrate its growth, accomplishments and popularity since becoming a World Sailing recognized International Class in 2014

2024 J/70 World Championships in Palma Reaches its Total Limit for Entries

Even before the registration deadline for the 2024 J/70 World Championship, the competition’s entry list has not only reached the maximum number of entries as established by the organizing committee (99 pre-registered teams), but moreover has a waiting list with an additional 30 teams.

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