Zeit läuft für die Anmeldung zur EURO

Dear J/70 sailors,

It is now less than 2 weeks until entry for the Europeans officially opens, which will be on Saturday 4th March at 6pm CET.
A couple of questions we’ve been receiving are as follows:
I missed out on the Euros last year as I didn’t get my entry in on time, how can I make sure I gain entry for this year?
Historically, entry for this event has filled within a number of hours. We have increased capacity this year but based on the level of enquiry and expressions of interest, we would recommend you get your entry and payment in asap to ensure a place.
How easy is it to bring my J/70 across the UK Border for use at this regatta and then to return to the EU?
This is easy, you can enter via the Green Channel if you are resident outside the UK, and the boat is owned by someone outside the UK.  You do need to bring ownership papers of the boat and/or letter of consent if driving someone else’s boat.  See link: https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge/abroad/visiting-the-uk.
I want to do the UK Nationals beforehand as a warm-up event, what can I do with my boat in between events?
WPNSA have facilities to store your boat in between events, there will be no charge for this if you are competing at the Nationals and the Worlds.
Best regards,
J/70 Euros 2023 Organising Committee